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ZeroOne Online FTP Server|Full FTP Server List 2022

Here you’ll get the full list of ZeroOne FTP servers and Zer00ne streaming servers. Let’s get started with the article.

Why should you use ZeroOne Internet?

Zero00ne is one of Bangladesh’s most underappreciated internet service providers. Although it is not widely known, they have provided satisfactory service through their Wi-Fi services. Besides that, they’ve got approximately 10 FTP, media, and gaming servers.

Users are satisfied with their rock solid stability and their ZeroOne FTP servers. Entertainment freaks and gaming addicts are quite happy with the servers’ speed. One of their clients, English mentor of Professor’s Point, S. M. Saifullah Shakil said he has been using Zero Internet for 7 years.

Considering all the things, our today’s pick is this underrated ISP from Chittagong, and perhaps you should try their service.

ZeroOne FTP Servers

However, an FTP server is a great way to download files at a high speed. This ISP has built or is affiliated with some FTP movie servers. You can download your favorite movie or TV series with the blink of an eye from these servers. 

You’ve probably heard of CTGOZ servers. It is a sister concern of Zero1 Online. Almost all the streaming and download servers are excellent to use. You’ll get a 100 mbps download speed while using these websites. Each of the servers has more than 20,000 movies and series uploaded for their users.

ZeroOne Online FTP Server List

Check out the links given below and get started with your favorite show.

Zero One FTP media net
Homepage of FTP Media Net of ZeroOne

Movie and TV Show Download Server

Furthermore, Zero One has some movie and TV show download servers as well. These sites serve as substitutes for their FTP servers. These servers are an excellent choice if you want to learn more about the latest movies, series, and animation films and get them for free.

The other day, I downloaded a video game and a few anime episodes from one of these websites.  And the speed was incredible.

Alil laila server
Homepage of Alif Laila server

Media Streaming Server

Some people find downloading files intolerable, especially those who frequently watch movies. Thus, they enjoy watching movies online.

Additionally, if there are streaming servers that provide free streaming, it’s a fantastic option for those film lovers.

Zero Online also offers free streaming. You can watch your favorite show on their websites, the likes of MyFlix, CTGOZ HD, and on the other platforms.

Here’s a list of media streaming servers for you. And don’t forget to let us know which movie you’re going to watch.

Zeroone FTP Myflix CTGOZ movie server
Watch movies on Myflix CTGOZ

Get Started With The Gaming Server

If you’re looking for the best gaming server, come to the Crazy Games server, which is run by ZeroOne Online. This is a platform for all types of games, from Android to PC. It has a large amount of games. 

Every game, old and new, is stored on this server, whether it is football, basketball, cricket, arcade, or Minecraft. My personal favorite genre is horror, so I nearly completed every horror game available on this BD gaming server.

Crazy Games BD
Install your favorite game from ZeroOne FTP Gaming server

Live Streaming Service: IPTV

Watching television in a room is difficult nowadays due to our busy lives, so live online IP TV is a great solution for us . If you want to watch currently played Asia Cup cricket matches or Cub football matches online, then the CTGOZ live TV server is there for you.

You’ll get to see all the Bangladeshi and Indian channels as well. There’s another online TV named CTG IPTV also. Both are currently working.

Other Active Servers

However, we’ve got some other servers that are related to Zer01 Broadband. If you want to get audio and music videos without paying, you can try their music server. They’ve a website with a collection of all Bangla newspapers. You’ll get all the newspapers in a single place.

Looking for online radio stations? Here’s one for you as well..

CTG OZ Bangla Newspaper
Read daily Bangla newspaper here

Internet Packages and Prices

They have five affordable high-speed internet packages. Here’s the list:

A20mbps800 BDT
B35mbps1,000 BDT
C45mbps1,200 BDT
D55mbps1,500 BDT
E75mbps2,000 BDT
Wi-Fi package price ZeroOne Online

Contact Info

01701-650600, 01701-650601, & 09643 333333.

Facebook: facebook.com/Zer00neOnline

Website: www.zeroonebd.net


Singapore Market 4th floor, Agrabad, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions


That’s a wrap. Thanks for reading. If you have any sayings regarding this content, then feel free to leave your opinion in the comment section. 

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