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MUX Internet FTP Server | Finest FTP Server In Chittagong

This article will help you learn about Mux FTP Server, Media Server, Live TV Server, and other related topics.

Mux Internet: A Rising Internet Service Provider

MUX Technologies is another Chittagong-based rising internet service provider that has been gaining trust among its users. Although they are not that old on this platform, they are doing pretty well compared to other ISPs in CTG. They came up with the promise of extending the bonds of people with their friends, families, and business partners around the world through their quality service.

Not only this, Mux Technology also built a few FTP movie servers, media, live TV servers, gaming servers, and some other helpful servers for their clients. Users are very happy using these servers. We’ve asked some of the Wi-Fi users about the user experience, and the response was immensely positive.

However, if you want to have high-speed internet with buffer-free FTP and gaming servers, you should give a try to Mux Broadband. Highly recommended if you’re a gamer. You could play games with low latency.

Mux Technology FTP Server

However, FTP servers are still popular among internet users. There will be no exceptions for Mux Internet users either. As it is easy to transfer or download files in the blink of an eye. The Mux community has been providing entertainment services via their FTP movie server named Mux FTP Server. This server is also known as the Hasikhushi FTP Server all over Bangladesh.

Mux FTP Movie Server

On this server, you can download any of your preferred files as soon as possible. This is one of the biggest servers of movie and series collections. There you’ll get any of the old classics or recently released movies or TV shows. Currently, Ram Charan and Ali Bhatt’s RRR is the most downloaded movie on this platform.

Here’s the movie server link you’ve been waiting for:

Request Your Movie Or Series To Be Uploaded On Mux FTP Server

If you don’t find your targeted movie or TV series files on the server, then you can request the admins to upload your preferred files. The admin panel will upload the files as soon as possible. Check out the link provided below to request whatever movie you want to see on the website.

Mux FTP movie request server
Request for your prefferd movie or TV show

Mux Media Server To Stream

Mux also has a media server to stream movies online for free. If you want to watch your favorite shows online instead of downloading them, then this website is a great solution for you. I was watching the show House of the Dragon on this server just before starting to write this article. Let me know which movie or series you’re going to watch on the Hasikhushi Media streaming server.

Watch Your Favorite Channel On Mux Live TV

Watching television is going to be replaced by online television, also known as IP TV. If you want to watch TV channels online, you’ve come to the right place. Mux live television is a decent platform to watch TV channels online without spending even a penny. Choco TV Live is their main live IPTV platform. You can watch almost everything on ChocoTV. Currently, the Asia Cup is being played. If you want to watch the high-voltage matches between India and Pakistan, or Bangladesh vs India, then give a try to Mux IP TV.

Mux FTP iptv
Enjoy your favorite show on Mux IPTV

Mux Gaming Server

You won’t need to worry about gaming anymore. Mux has a great platform for its gaming addicts. You can use this server for your daily use. They’ve added all kinds of facilities for the gamers there. As we mentioned earlier, this server has been a great platform for gamers who want to play games with high-speed internet, so we’ve recommended it to you.

FM Radio, e-Book, Newspaper, and Others

They have some other servers, including online FM radio, newspapers, e-books, and software. If you want to read the Bangla books online, then you can read them on the Bangla Library website without paying. They’ve got PDF files as well.

Bangla Library online PDF
Read books on Bangla Library online

It’s hard to get all the news in a single place. Thus, there’s a website where you’ll find all the Bangladeshi newspapers together. You’ll get daily updates every single minute.

However, if you’re looking for a server where you will get all the old and latest versions of any kind of app, you can give a try to Mux Apps Server.

BD newspaper online
All the Bangladeshi newspapers

Mux FTP Server List

Internet Packages and Prices

They offer five internet packages with high-speed BDIX, 4K YouTubr, and EMBY server for you. Here’s the broadband pricing:

SAVER5mbps500 BDT
SURFER10mbps800 BDT
MOON 30mbps1,000 BDT
JUPITER36mbps1,200 BDT
SATURN45mbps1,500 BDT
Mux internet package


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