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Link3 FTP Server, Internet Packages, and Win a Free Thai Air Ticket

Link3 Technologies is an ISP provider with more than one lakh clients in Bangladesh. In this article we’ll discuss the Link3 FTP server, its internet packages, and unbelievable offers.

Link3 Tech: A Marvelous Two-Decade Journey

Before diving into the Link3 FTP server, let’s take a look at Link3 Technologies’ fantastic journey in brief. It started its journey back in 2000, and turned out to be the best ISP provider in Bangladesh. It has been providing buffer-free high-speed Wi-Fi, IP Telephony, Office 360, and Cybersecuruty service. As a result, Link3 became the first ever Bangladeshi ISP to join the club of 100k broadband clients.

And it’s the only ISP that is connected with every bank in the country including Bangladesh Bank, Standard Charterd, Brac Bank, Bank Asia, and the others. This information is enough to describe their quality of service.

Link3 FTP Movie Download

Link3 FTP Server: An Ideal Place for Movie Geeks

For its users, the Link3 community built an amazing entertainment platform named Cinehub24. Cinehub is a free platform to download movies, TV series, open source software, and the popular old and latest versions of video games.

In brief, Cinehub24 movies is the best platform to download the latest trendy movies like Lal Singh Chadda or even the main version of this movie, Forrest Gump.

You can download your preferred movie or series here on Link3 Movie Server without even the slightest puff of buffering.

IP Address

Check out the link above and enjoy your favorite show

Link3 FTP server Cinehub24 home page
The previous interface of the link3 internet FTP server

Advantages of Using Cinehub FTP

However, as for the high-standard services Link3 provides, they’re aware of broadband users’ demands as well. Hence, they built the FTP movie server with the best possible quality.

They built an administration group with well-experienced, dedicated, and always-ready-for-your-service types of workers for the server. As a result, you’ll always get the latest movie, series, or anime as soon as it’s released.

Not to mention that, you won’t have to face any hassle to look forward to your preferred files on a search engine since Cine Hub FTP is always up to date with almost every kind of entertainment source available.

Get Free Audio Files 

Often, we find it hard to download our favourite music or widely popular FM radio shows like Bhoot FM and Mentos Batti Jalao. You won’t have to hassle anymore, you’ll find all kinds of audio shows there.

A few days back, I downloaded more than 10 songs from the Link3 FTP server, including Save Your Tears For Another Day by The Weeknd and Ariana Grande.

And all the files had been downloaded in the blink of an eye!

Why Is The Link3 FTP Server Down?

Anyway, Link3 FTP server might be down sometimes for various reasons. It could be down for maintenance. Or if you’re not a Wi-Fi user of L3 Technology, you can’t get access to the Link3 Internet FTP server.


You can access the Link3 FTP server through the VPN Proxifier 3.42. Otherwise, you can use these alternative FTP and media servers for Cinehub24.com that we’ve made for you.

Read more about fixing FTP server error issues

Alternative to Link3 FTP Server

If you’ve got all the things right, yet can’t access the server, then try these alternative servers to Cinehub24 FTP. All the servers here are active and BDIX supported, so you’ll get access by using any of the broadband service. There’s media server as well to stream movies for free.

  • Elaach
  • CTG Movie
  • Dhaka Movie

Link3 Live IPTV

Link3 FTP alternative live IPTV server
Watch your favorite show on Link3 alternative IP television server

Sadly, they don’t provide any IPTV service. Hence, we’ve made a list of BDIX supported free IPTV servers for you. It makes no difference which ISP you use; you can use any of these live television services without any problem.

  • CTG TV
  • Roar Zone
  • DDN Oncast
  • Projapoti Live TV

You’ll get to watch more than 70 domestic and foreign channels on these live television servers. They’ve added all the Bangladeshi channels there, as well as popular Indian channels, including Bollywood music and sports channels.

If you’re looking for free servers to watch Bangladesh cricket matches or IPL, then you’re welcome to these alternative channels of Link3.

Fantastic Offers

Refer and Get Your Thai Air Ticket

Link3 Technologies offers some absolutely amazing offers to their clients. If you love to travel and dream of visiting abroad, then there’s a great chance for you to travel Thailand for free! They offer Thai air tickets to the customers who refer the most.

To get a ticket, you’ve got to fulfill their terms and conditions. If you can earn 2,000 reedem points, you’ll get a Dhaka-Bangkok-Dhaka air ticket. The more people you refer, the more opportunities you will have to travel outside of Bangladesh.

refer and win thai air ticket from link3
Refer as many as you can and win a Thai ticket

Get Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Air Ticket

Link3 also offers Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar air tickets. For that, you’ll need to earn 300 reedem points. Refer and get on the Airplane!

20% off at Café de la Reina

For the foodies among Link3 users, they give an offer of 20% off at Café de la Reina. If you like to eat delicious foods, then this is your chance! Instead of checking reviews on food lovers’ groups on social media, go there and have your buffe and dinner at Café de la Reina.

20% off at Café de la Reina
Link3 20% off at Café de la Reina

Packages and Prices

As we said, Link3 has become the 1st Bangladeshi ISP to hit the grand mark of 100,000 users. They’ve always had some variety in their internet packages. Currently, they offer 16 different packages for their clients.

Let’s take a look at Link3 Wi-Fi packages and pricing.


Starter5mbps 500 BDT
Simple7mbps620 BDT
Youth10mbps800 BDT
Youth Plus11mbps840 BDT
Chaser12mbps880 BDT
Surfer Plus15mbps1,000 BDT
Cheetah20mbps1,200 BDT
Cheetah Plus22mbps1,219 BDT
Cheetah Plus Up Booster24mbps1,295 BDT
Freelancer25mbps1,400 BDT
Eagle27mbps1,480 BDT
Eagle Plus30mbps1,600 BDT
Eagle Plus Up Booster32mbps1,680 BDT
Hawk Plus35mbps1,800 BDT
Swift50mbps2,400 BDT
Extreme100mbps4,400 BDT
Lnik3 packages 2022

Bill Payment System

You can pay your bill in various ways through bKash, Rocket, iPay, Mastercard, VISA, and some other credit cards.

Link3 bill payment process
Link3 bill payment methods online

bKash Payment System

Check the procedure of bKash payment for Link3 Internet.

Link3 bill pay bKash
Link3 payment bKash app

Link3 Selfcare

If you’re facing any issues with Link3 internet, then go through the link and fill in the form. It can be forgetting your password or any kind of trouble related to your broadband. A group of helping hands is waiting to solve your problems.

Change your password in Selfcare L3

Selfcare App


Call: 16335 & 09678123123

Mail: support@link3.net

Messenger: facebook.com/Link3.Technologies


As of today, they provide Wi-Fi service throughout Bangladesh, except in some rural areas. If you want to get an internet connection from them, then contact them with the contact information we’ve provided you.


Address: Police Plaza Concord, 13th Floor (Tower-1), Plot-02, Road- 144, Gulshan, Dhaka-1212.

Contact: 01787667009

Hotline: 09678-123123 or 16335

Email: sales@link3.net


Addres : C&F Tower (8th Floor), 1222, SK. Mujib Road, Agrabad C/A, CTG.

Contact: 01787667023

Hotline: 09678-123123 or 16335

Email: sales@link3.net

Cox’s Bazar

Address: 65, West Bazar-Ghata, Main Road, In front of fire brigade Office, Cox’s Bazar.

Contact: 01787686022

Hotline: 09678-123123 or 16335

Email: sales@link3.net

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions


That’s a wrap. We’ve discussed Link3 FTP server Cinehub24, its packages, and offers. If you find this article helpful, feel free to share it on social media. And let us know your opinion on the article.