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Amber IT FTP, Media Server List, IPTV, Broadband Package, IP Phone, and Other Services

AmberIT is the front runner of the Bangladeshi internet world. Let’s dive into the discussion of Amber IT FTP and media servers. 

Amber IT: The Pinnacle of BD Broadband

Before diving into the FTP, media servers and IPTV of Amber IT, let’s take a look at Amber Internet’s historical journey in brief. AmberIT was formed in 1997. Back then, it was a platform that provided dial-up and radio link services. Since then, they’ve been providing their valuable service throughout Bangladesh and have actually turned into, by far the best Bangladeshi broadband provider.

That’s a journey of 25 years! No wonder why AmberIT’s the most popular internet service provider out there.

Amber IT FTP Server List

However, you may already know that AmberIT has built or is affiliated with more than 20 FTP and media servers. They’re also providing IPTV services through some IP TVs. Now, let’s take a look at the AmberIT FTP servers’ list.

  • Net Home BD
  • Satrong FTP
  • Rangdhanu FTP
  • Load Baba
  • Skynet FTP
  • Moviehaat FTP
  • Bangla FTP
  • AmberIT FTP 1
  • Amber IT FTP 2
  • Amber IT FTP 3
  • Amber IT FTP 4
  • Pagla Mama FTP
  • Voot BD FTP

All the AmberIT FTP servers listed above are currently active. Some might be down due to maintenance or the neglect of work by the administrators of the servers.

On top of that, if you’re not into AmberIT Wi-Fi, then you may not be able to access their servers(solutions will be discussed in the latter part of this article).

AmberIT Media Server List

Likewise, AmberIT has media servers as well. If you want to enjoy movies that you’ve added to your watch list and you want to watch them for free, then Amber IT servers are the best possible solution for you. You’re looking forward to watching The Gray Man of Dhanush and Ana de Arams? Well, Amber IT media servers are there for you!

You’ll be able to watch for totally free on the AmberIT server how well Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Ana de Arams, and Venkatesh Prabhu Kasthuri Raja aka Dhanush(such a tiny name, haha) played their roles in this most awaited movie.

And, if you’re into Marvel Studios, then you might be eager to watch Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman’s Thor: Love and Thunder. Personally, I’m excited to watch Christian Bale’s role as Gorr the God Butcher. Let us know in the comment section what you’re excited about the movie you’re going to watch on Amber’s media server.

Check the AmberIT media server list here:

  • Cine Bioscope
  • Binodonmela
  • Vdomela
  • Jalshaghor
  • EvonetBD
  • Moviemela
  • BD Fun Club
  • Ghuri Online
  • Mov Play Stream
  • Free Media BD Server
  • Film Raja

Why should I watch movies and series on AmberIT server?

You may be doubtful about streaming or downloading movies or TV series on AmberIT FTP and media servers. Yes, you should give a try to AmberIT entertainment servers because they’re safe to use. Plus, you’ll have all the classic and latest movies and dramas there.

Most importantly, you won’t have to pay your valuable money to watch movies there. You could enjoy your favorite shows all day long without having to pay.


In fact, Amber Group has been providing television services through their Internet Protocol Television(IPTV) services. They are affiliated with five popular television platforms, including Bioscope, JagoBD.


  • Rangdhanu TV
  • Rangdhanu TV HD

Rangdhanu TV is one of AmberIT’s best IPTV. You can watch Bengali, Hindi, English, all kinds of channels there. Be it watching live cricket, football, or even tennis matches, or be it watching Bangla Natok, you can enjoy them on Rangdhanu IP TV.

Rangdhanu Live TV App:

  • Rangdhanu APK


IT HD is another addition to AmberIT’s television services. Although it’s similar to typical IP TVs out there, but it’s not that bad to give it a shot.

3. Bioscope Live

Who doesn’t know about this amazing entertainment platform? Amber IT is also affiliated with Bioscope Live TV.

4. Jago BD

Not to mention that JagoBD is another official partner of the Amber Group. You can watch all of Bangladeshi television there.

AmberIT Smart TV

Get the Amber IT smart TV Android app here

AmberIT tv app
Amber smart TV android application

Amber IT IP Phone:

Amber IT offers IP phone service as well. It’s way too costly to use Bangladeshi mobile sims for calling, they charge a lot of money. Hence, AmberIT came up with an IP Phone service for its users to reduce the cost of phone calls per minute.

Amber IT IP Phone Features:

  1. You’ll get a 10 taka account balance for NID verification.
  2. Zero-cost talk to any IP number, completely free.
  3. You’ll be able to talk to any number for 40 poisa per minute, 24 hours.
  4. Every second pulse for dropped calls.
  5. Making video calls, audio calls, group calls, and the opportunity to share files safely.
  6. There’s no expiry date for the account balance.

Amber IT IP Phone App

Check the links given below and get started with the AmberIT IP Phone service.

  • Amber IT IP Phone Android App: Google Play
  • Amber IT IP Phone iOs App: Apple Store
  • Amber IT IP Phone APK
  • Amber IT IP Phone App for PC
Get your Amber IT IP Phone app on Google Play

Why are my Amber IT servers not working?

FTP and media servers may not work for several reasons. It can be for wrong URLs, dead IP addresses, or maybe the server you’re trying to enter isn’t BDIX supported. The same can be said for Amber IT servers.

If you’ve done all the things right, yet you still can’t access the Amber IT servers, then you’ve got to buy a subscription package of AmberIT internet.

Read more about how to fix an FTP server’s error issues.

What is the best benefit to buying Amber’s Wi-Fi package?

Besides high-speed internet ,you’ll get free subscriptions to OTT platforms like Netflix, ZEE5, Eros Now, SonyLIV, hoichoi, and some other widely popular platforms.

Buy a broadband package from Amber IT and get free subscriptions to popular OTT platforms

Amber IT Internet Packages and Prices

Home Internet:

LEARNER15 mbps800 BDTNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
BASIC 20 mbps1,000 BDT200 mins200 SMSNot Available
PRIMARY30 mbps1,200 BDT400 mins400 SMSZEE5, Bongo BD.
DOMINANT40 mbps1,500 BDT600 mins600 SMSEros Now, Addatimes, ZEE5, Bongo BD.
CONFIDENT50 mbps2,000 BDT800 mins800 SMSNETFLIX, EROS NOW, ZEE5, Binge, Addatimes.
POSITIVE65 mbps2,500 BDT1,000 mins1,000 SMSNETFLIX, ZEE5, EROS NOW, Binge, Addatimes.
ADVANCE80 mbps3,000 BDT1,500 mins1,500 SMSNETFLIX, Hoichoi, ZEE5, EROS NOW, Binge, Addatimes.
PROGRESSIVE110 mbps4,000 BDT2,200 mins2,200 SMSNETFLIX, SonyLIV, Hoichoi, ZEE5, EROS NOW, Binge, Addatimes.
AmberIT home internet packages

Amber IT Helpline

Online Support:

Offline Customer Care:

  • Phone: 09611999555
  • SMS: 01313488177

Business Contact:

Phone: 09611123123; (8802) 222264415.

Email: admin@amberit.com.bd

Amber IT Password Change:

If you’re having trouble with your Amber IT account password and want to change it. Then go through the link- http://mail.amberit.com.bd/cgi-bin/chetcpasswd.cgi

Amber IT Bill Payment Systems:

Here’s your Amber IT payment method for all the digital financial services.


Amber IT Rocket billing system


AmberIT bKash payment method


AmberIT Nagad bill payment system

Online Payment:

If you’ve got a Visa Card or Master Card, you can pay your Amber IT bill via them.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions


That’s all for now. We’ve discussed Amber IT FTP servers and its other media and TV servers as well. And Amber IT Internet’s Wi-Fi packages also. If you find this article helpful, feel free to share it on social media. And don’t forget to let us know your opinion in the comment section about the article you’ve read.

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