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Carnival Internet: Nagordola FTP Server, IP Address, Server Analysis, and Contact Info

Carnival Internet has been able to build trust among the broadband users of Bangladesh in the last few years. In this article we’re going to discuss the FTP server of Carnival Internet, Nagordola FTP server and their internet packages.

Carnival Broadband Bangladesh

Back in 2018, ISP brand Doze Broadband came up with a new identity by changing its name to Carnival Internet. Since then, they didn’t need to look back. Carnival Internet started getting a huge response from across Bangladesh. Not only do they provide high-speed Wi-Fi service, but they’re also serving their users via an excellent entertainment platform named Nagordola FTP Server, commonly known as Carnival FTP.

Carnival Internet’s Mission Statement

Carnival Internet is the first Bangladeshi ISP that not only provides its users a superior online experience by offering a wide range of high-quality services but is also keen on improving users’ daily lives. Hence, they turned out to be holistic lifestyle enabler service. For its users, they built Carnival Lounge, a new e-commerce site, and an FTP server. There’s a Kids Zone as well. They also offer health and life insurance as well, which is praiseworthy. They’re doing exactly what Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wazed‘s dream is of, building a Digital Bangladesh.

Nagordola FTP Server

However, you already know that, Nagordola BD Server is an official virtual entertainment platform of Carnival Internet BD. They built this server for their users as an alternative to Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime. Users can watch the latest movies or even classic TV series or movies without having to pay. Carnival team has designed the Carnival FTP server with a large number of quality movies, TV series, anime, Bangla Natok, games, and softwares. To get entertained with high-speed streaming or downloading services, check the links given below.

  • Nagordola FTP Server: IP Address
  • Carnival Internet FTP Server

Carnival Internet IP TV

Carnival Internet also has their own IP TV service. On Nagordola IP TV you can watch live television channels. There are Bangladeshi channels like Somoy TV, RTV, and other BD channels to watch Bangladeshi Natok and get daily updates. If you want to enjoy video music or popular musical shows like Coke Studio and Wind Of Change , there are channels like Gaan Bangla, 9XM, and MTV. For Kolkata music freaks, there’s Sangeet Bangla as well.

Sports are available on Nagordola TV

In fact, they added sports channels for sports freaks as well. You won’t have to worry about watching Bangladesh cricket matches online. Wherever you are, be it in heavy traffic on the road or in your daily job, you can watch matches on the Carnival IP TV server. You can enjoy club football matches there as well.

Carnival IP TV address- Live IP TV Nagordola

If you’re looking forward to watching television channels online, for that purpose, check the links given below.

Nagordola FTP Server Analysis

Let’s dive into the analysis of Carnival FTP. Various analytics tools indicate that Nagordola has a large number of monthly users. Popular web analytics service Similarweb says that Nagordola BD has almost 230k visitors per month with a category rank of 34 and a country rank of 640. On the other hand, its global rank is 188,487. As it is a Bangladeshi broadband-based local platform, its global rank is quite behind.

Nagordola Carnival FTP Server Analysis
Similarweb‘s monthly analysis of Nagordola BD FTP server

FTP Server: Carnival Internet’s Monthly Traffic

Meanwhile, another giant analitycs platform StatsCrop says, the Carnival FTP server gets 7k daily visitors with up to 11,400 pageviews.

Carnival FTP daily visitors and pageviews
Website analyzer StatsCrop‘s daily analysis of Carnival FTP
StatsCrop‘s last 90 day site traffic analysis for Nagordola BD

Is the Nagordola server free?

Yes, it’s completely free to browse Nagordola BD Server. But, as they run ads on the server, it may bother your user experience.

How much does Carnival Internet earn from its Nagordola server?

Since Carnival Broadband runs display ads on its FTP server Nagordola BD, they generate a good amount of money from it. Let’s check it on another trustworthy web analytics platform, Login Page. It says that 77% of Nagordola subscribers browse the server for a long time, and 23% exit the site instantly. Additionally, 14% of the visitors come from search engines like Google, Binge, and DuckDuckGo. According to Login Page’s financial analysis, Nagordola FTP earns an estimated daily $31, weekly $217, and monthly $930 from display ads.

Why does my Carnival server not work?

The Carnival Internet FTP server is only accessible to its users. Thus, if you want to have entertainment on the Carnival Internet FTP server, you have to buy a Carnival broadband package.

Contact Info:

Phone number: 096423693

Registered Address:

Highway Homes, KA-32/6,
Bir Uttam Rafiqul Islam Avenue, Dhaka – 1212.

Business Address:

Uday Tower, Level 12,
57 & 57/A, Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka-1212.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ


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