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BDMusic23 Movie Download Server| Upgraded IP Address 2022

In this article you’ll get the IP address of BDmusic23 movie download server, which is the best for 18+ movies and web series.

Why should you use BDmusic23?

If you’re a Bangladeshi, you may know that this server is commonly known as the BDmusic23 FTP server, although it doesn’t fall into the category of FTP. However, that’s not the topic here. This server is massively popular among the movie and web series lovers of the country. It has a large collection of all kinds of movies, for example, Bangla, Hindi, Gujrati movies, Kannada movies, and others.

It gained huge public attention in a very short period of time, especially because of its 18+ movies and web series content. They consistently kept uploading these kinds of films, hence people grabbed them easily.

bdmusic23 movie download
Homepage of BDmusic23

They even have a big list of Bhojpuri, Tamil, and Chinese movies on their website. You may find it hard to download this type of content online, but you’ll even get it here in the dual-audio mode.

However, this website is certainly one of the best movie download platforms for Sub-Continent people. The server speed is super sonic, you can download any file in the blink of an eye. There are two other alternative servers named BDMusic99 and HDMusic23.

BDMusic23 Movie Download Latest Links

Due to the domain name change of the server, you may not find the BD Music23 server. Thus, we’ve come up with the latest URLs for the server. In the links we’ve given below, you’ll find the Bangla movie download server, Hindi, Gujrati, and all the other languages’ movie servers you may want to watch. 

BDMusic23’s Other FTP Servers 

Moreover, if you can’t use the server, then you can try these two film servers of BD Music 23. These two, named BDMusic99 and HDMusic23, were created by the same admins of BD Music23. The second one is filled with the old classic Bengali hit movies. It also has all the latest Bengali movies. There’s a big collection of Telegu movies as well.

And the first one, BDMusic99, has a large number of 18+ adult movies and web films. It also has all kinds of South Indian movies.

hdmusic23 ftp server
HDmusic23 front page

Alternative Movie Servers For You

However, if you’re a regular visitor, you may know that we work hard to provide you with the best BD FTP servers. We’ve already published some important BDIX FTP server lists for you. To consider your urge for movie downloading, we’re providing you with some high-speed FTP server content.

Check the links given below, and let us know if you’re considering using any of these.

Is BDMusic23 movie download server legal?

This server is run by another production house’s content. They collect the movies and series, and upload them on their server, so it is not legal. Because of this, they have already lost some of their servers with the same name with different domains. Here’s the list of their previous websites that they lost: bdmusic23.info, bdmusic23.xyz, bdmusic23.me and some others.

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As it is not legal, we discourage you from using these kinds of websites.

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